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Closed Circuit TV. The name defines its limitations… until now, footage from CCTV systems has been ‘closed’ to everyone except authorised users viewing dedicated monitors in close proximity.

The Cloudview Visual Network Adapter changes all that – liberating CCTV so it becomes a more powerful, flexible and effective tool.

Now you can upgrade your system and view, manage and share CCTV footage from anywhere, at anytime, via PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Changing how you view CCTV in Dublin

The Cloudview Visual Network Adapter creates a unique Internet connection between each of your CCTV cameras and your protected account on our cloud-based management system.
We will connect your CCTV cameras to the Internet with the Cloudview Visual Network Adapter and you will instantly be able to access and manage your fully encrypted visual data from wherever you are.

Remote Access to your CCTV

Using ethernet, WiFi or 3G, there’s no limit to the amount of cameras that can be added to your network even in the remotest locations. Choose to deploy Cloudview features and user permissions by individual camera or across your entire visual network. New features and updates are automatically made available for deployment to Cloudview-enabled cameras.



Cloudview Overview

Transform your CCTV and be the first to know when something happens by upgrading to the Internet-enabled Cloudview system. Event-triggered alerts, live views of CCTV feeds and recorded footage are available for review, wherever and whenever you want via smartphone, tablet or PC
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