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RTE Highlight CCTV legal issues on The Joe Duffy Radio Show


Please note that distributing CCTV images or video may leave you open to a legal challenge!

Alarm Security.ie Dublin will Only Send CCTV footage to Your Smart Phone or Your PC and not to our monitoring station unless requested by our client!

Your first choice should be Perimeter Security on windows & doors.

PIR detection or PIR CCTV detectors are there to provide a Backup to the Perimeter Security and in our view should not be installed on its own but to insure that a Verified Signal is sent to Our 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Station

This is Now Asked for by the Garda / Police when responding to a call. This has to be Certified by The PSA!

In addition if you were to just use the Smart PIR Movement Detection Camera and you wish to walk around your home you would have to turn off your alarm.

Please remember when using the Part Guard / Home Set Option the Smart PIR’s will be automatically turned off and may indeed leave you with very low level of security!

Again Perimeter Detection should be Your 1st Choice and these are available with the New Wireless Options and are Great Value so why not choose to have a Free Survey completed.

This FREE security survey should be provided by any alarm company first in order to fully assess your security needs ! and this can’t be done over the phone or priced by receiving just a text!

Finding out after you have signed a contract for 3 or 5 years only then be advised that additional perimeter detectors are needed and are chargeable ! should not be acceptable.

Please contact us for additional information at info@alarmsecurity.ie

Alarm Security : T. 2840000

Regards Joe McDonald : M. 087 2481118